Re: Tourer feedback wanted




> He recommended the Ridgeback 'Panorama' (£800-900).
> I cannot find any usefull information about the bike on the net and i've
> never ridden a ridgeback so i was hoping somone might have some useful
> input.
> I have considered the Thorn Raven with the Rolhoff Hub at just over a
> grand but it is a hassle to get down to the nearest stockist.
> Any feedback welcome. cheers.

Just judging by what I can find on the manufacturer's websites, it would
seem to me that the Ridgeback ( is a decent
bike for its price and should be right if you intend to tour in Europe and
to stick to paved roads. If your plans are to cycle through the Andes with
60 kg of luggage, then probably it won't be tough enough.

Components are in the low-medium range, but this has to be expected for
this price, and that may not even be an issue. I have personnally been
using a tourer with Sora shifters without having to complain. One detail:
I wonder how rigid is the adjustable stem - but if it is not, then it's
easy to replace.

I am a bit puzzled about the Rohloff craze. It is obviously seducing to
have all your gearing in a clean little box, that is actually said to be
quite reliable. But if it fails in any manner, I doubt you will find a way
to repair it and this will probably be the end of your tour. Also, but
this is personal, I didn't like too much the churning noises that the
Rohloff makes in some of the gears. I don't know whether this really
translates into power losses, but it made me feel uncomfortable.

Talking about a custom built bike: I just ordered one ("Audax" or
"randonneur" type) from a reputable french manufacturer. Sticking to
medium range components (Veloce) and the least expensive options
(exception is SON lighting), we are around 3000 Euro, which is twice your
budget. So I think your shop is right to recommend you a standard bike.