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Chris Y.F.N.W.

From: [email protected] (Iwan Edwards)

>afternoon all.

>I went into the nearest decent bike shop
>(Deeside cycles) looking to buy a tourer
>that would allow for a fully laden
>expedition. I was hoping to get a bike
>custom-built for my particular needs
>(very long arms) . But the guy in the
>shop suggested that I consider a
>pre-built on the basis that i would be
>saving money in the end, especially
>since my budget is under a grand.

Custom builts are hard to come by at less than a grand, at least the
really good ones are. But that's not to say they aren't out there. I've
never needed one, so I wouldn't know for sure, not having looked.

But he is right on one count, if you can find a brand that has a frame
geometry that does agree with your "bodilly dimentions", you may very
well save much, money wise.

My suggestion is check out the better manufacturer's stock frames and a
custom builder within your price range. May the best bike, and you, win.

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