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Richard Greenberg wrote:
> Hi. I spent some time today trying unsuccessfully to get my new Rocket onto
> my existing bike rack (it's the kind that hooks over the trunk of the car
> and made for standard bikes). While I probably could attach the bike using
> a lot of rope, bungees, etc., it is just not the tool for the job. After a
> half hour or so of research, it looks like my Focus hatchback has only one
> option for attaching a trailer hitch. I'm thinking the hitch is the way to
> go in the long run. It is a Class 1 hitch with a 1.25 inch hitch opening by
> a company called Draw-Tite. So, here's the question. Anyone know of an
> appropriate bike rack for carrying the Rocket that would work with this
> hitch? Thanks.

I have carried a 2000 RANS Rocket on a trunk rack. Try removing the
seat and hanging the bike upside down on the rack. The downside is that
idiots will tailgate more frequently than normal, as they try to figure
out what the thing on the back of the car is.

I would expect that the RANS Rocket would fit inside a Focus hatchback,
but the front seat may have to be folded back, leaving room only for
the driver. I was able to fit my RANS Rocket into the 1994 Honda Civic
[1] I used to own with no disassembly in this manner.

[1] The late Bill Murphy was able to fit a medium size Tour Easy inside
a similar Civic after removing the wheels from the bicycle.

Tom Sherman - Fox River Valley
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