re: training partners wanted in CT


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Aug 6, 2003
I am a newby to the tri scene and am quite a disadvantage: I'm an excellent swimmer, but relatively new to running!! I find myself wishing the swimming legs of tri's were 2x/as long, and everything else was halved!!!!

I am seeking anyone in CT--preferably near New Haven--to train with.

Hopefully to tantalize those folk who maybe struggles with the swimming leg, but is strong on one or both of the running/biking legs, I AM YOUR GIRL!!! I have 10 years of swimming under my belt, prefer endurance and middle distance training and I swim 4x (2000yards-3000 yards/swim)/week, can swim 1 mile in about 20 minutes, swam USS swimming for 2 years, and most importantly have EXCELLENT technique and I think, can teach it!! :) (PSSSS: swimming is 90% technique and like 10% strength!!!).

Anyone who is interested in a training partner this year through the beginning of next year's season please feel free to respond!!

Thanks and happy training to you all,