Re: trial unicycle suggestions for 10 l/2 year old?

Discussion in '' started by tebarobe, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. tebarobe

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    I'm asking in behalf of my 10 l/2 year old 54 inch (inseam 26 inches)
    son who has been unicycling for 4 years and currently is obsessed with
    the concept of trial unicycling. He currently has a unistar torker muni
    and is desperate to ungrade but this is quite expensive not to mention
    even finding him something that will fit his size. He really wants
    shocks but I understand after talking with the folks at
    that this adds an additional 4 inches to the cycle--making it totally
    too tall for him. Anyone with any suggestions? many thanks

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  2. tomblackwood

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  3. markf

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    barring a summit on ebay, find a kris holm 20 inch trials, either at or a bike shop thats a dealer. probably your second best

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  4. daino149

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    I don't think you need to go as far as getting a KH for a 10 year old.
    A Nimbus should hold up just fine and it's much cheaper.

    It's also lighter and the square taper cranks allows for a much greater
    range of crank length choices. For shorter riders, the 140mm cranks on
    the Summit might be too long.

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  5. Klaas Bil

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    Trials unicycles usually have 20" wheels. A typical 10-year old easily
    fits on them. A shock absorber is not recommended for trials. Your son
    may be so light (in weight) that a splined crankset is not required
    now but you gotta look ahead. So buy splined if money is not too much
    of an issue.

    An 11-y.o. (now 12 I think) who I sometimes do MUni or trials with
    bought a 20" splined Qu-ax off and he's happy with it.
    And he is smallish for his age.

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  6. Bob22b

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    If he's pretty light you can get away with a non-splined hub.

    --------> Get the Nimbus. Then if he sticks with it you can always go
    up to the splined setup once he gets bigger and starts doing bigger

    Post up his weight and is he already hopping around?

    If you can find a deal on a summit, that might be the way to go,
    although if he's pretty light, I don't see him breaking the uni any time

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  7. U-Turn

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    Personally I'd just ask him to use the MUni. If you want to spend money
    put some into some lumber and construct some obstacles, or spend it on a
    trip to Toque or Motorama or whatever trials gathering, or a couple of
    good unicycling videos. Also spend $10-20 on the wheel at a local bike
    shop to ensure it is tensioned and trued properly.

    The MUni should be fine for whatever trials he wants to do. When he
    destroys the MUni, it's time for an upgrade.

    My two cents.

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  8. Wow...your 10 year old has been riding almost twice as long as me...


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  9. pdc

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    My 8 year old son has been riding less than a year. He has it made. I'm
    44 he will have plenty of hand me downs from me. :D
    This new generation of riders starting at the single digit age, if they
    stick with it will be awesome at 20. Makes you wonder how far the sport
    will go. One Wheel No Limit :D

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