Re: TTT Forgie/Prima 1999 slip broblems

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by almost fast, Apr 2, 2004.

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    > dianne_1234 wrote:
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    > > I seem to recall 3T advising sanding the stem and clamp area of the
    > > bar. Also using no grease. Maybe it's in the manual that came with
    > > your stem? Anyway, worked for me.

    > I'm using a Forgie with a Prima handlebar (I'm not sure it's a 199),
    > with grease and without sanding. No problems so far. Maybe my handlebar
    > is different from yours.

    Apparently 3T still recommend it. From

    (In translation, the "collar" appears to be the stem's handle bar
    clamp. "Clamp" sounds like the stem's steerer tube clamp.)

    "Apply sand paper (av. grain # 100) to remove any
    rust inside the collar (smooth off any rough edges). This
    will make the surface a little rough and help the parts
    to adhere to each other during locking. If the stem is
    painted, apply sand paper also inside the clamp (E).

    If you have a compressed air blower, lightly apply it
    on all the threaded holes to clean them perfectly.

    Place the bar inside the head collar, without scratching
    its surface; apply the front piece and tighten the screws, slightly."