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    On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 15:31:04 GMT, Jeremy Collins
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    >> Having , missed the first C$ Langkawi coverage.
    >> Does anyone know of an online TV guide which would prompt when
    >> something was on TV?

    >I've been a happy user for years. You can, amongst other things,
    >set a permanent "marker" search for keywords like "cycling", and
    >have it flag programmes and remind you based on that. The word
    >doesn't have to appear in the programme title, it can be in the
    >description too.

    Yes, Digiguide is good, and I too used it for several years, but I've
    recently switched allegiance to Freeguide.

    Freeguide is effectively the same thing as Digiguide, but free. It's
    an open source work in project so it is less polished than Digiguide,
    and is less fully featured but still a good little tool.

    The reminders aren't as customizable (what an ugly word) as they are
    with Digiguide, but it will still pop up an on screen warning when
    programs marked as favourites are about to start.

    I use it in combination with TMR which is a great little reminder app,
    also available from Sourceforge. This allows much more noise and
    commotion to be generated when a worthwhile program is starting.

    Just another option to consider.


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