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    Thanks for the post. Sorry the shirt offended you.

    The shirt was drawn by a comic book artist. That girl on the shirt is
    totally his drawing, not a real person at all. The colour of the hair is
    to match the unicycle and shirt. The Bedford logo colour has always been
    orange and black.

    The unicycle is a Bedford Hard Core Trials unicycle. That is a real
    unicycle that was given to him to use as a reference.

    He drew and added the girl totally on his own.

    The next time Betty appears, she will have more than a bikini bottom on.
    It will be much more tasteful.

    Not all females feel the same way you do. I have sold lots to females
    who do wear them.

    I never intended to offend anyone. Unfortunately some people have

    I just received the 3rd shirt in the series
    today !!! It is a Hard Core Mountain Unicycle
    shirt that will first be available at the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion this

    I will post pictures next week. Being into the extreme sport side of
    unicycling, I'm sure you will like this one.

    If I remember correctly, you are the girl who raised those little furry
    hampster-like critters.

    I was and still am very impressed with girls who ride trails and Muni.
    I'm sure I must have mentioned that to you.

    I would like to order your video. Please let me know when it is ready.
    If you are looking for someone to sell them for you, I would like to add
    it to the list I sell now in my shop.
    Can't wait to check it out.


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