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  1. Borges

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    I was just about to make my second post recommending the
    hub over the suzue. I like that the hub wider, harder and
    has bolts instead of nuts.

    But before I praise the product any further I'd like to know what wheel
    builders, machinists and the rest of you think.

    Assuming you where going to get a new square tapered hub and the prize
    was the same. Which one would you prefer, and why?


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  2. Mojoe

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    I prefer the UDC hub for the following reasons:

    1. It's a little wider than the Suzue hub, which is more important on
    larger wheels and for muni.

    2. It is very affordable and even comes with the bearings installed.

    3. It uses bolts instead of nuts.

    I own three UDC hubs right now. Two are built into freestyle unicycles
    and one is built into a 26 inch muni wheel. I don't feel that the exta
    width is really important on the 20 inch wheels, but it can't hurt.

    Out of the three I own, two came with indexed bearings. I'm to lazy to
    change them though, so I just use them and I really don't notice it
    while riding.

    I really love the bolts. With Bicycle Euro cranks, they never seem to
    seat onto the tapers very far, so with a Suzue hub, you have very few
    threads holding the cranks on. The BE cranks don't seat on any farther
    with the UDC hub, but with bolts, you get a lot of threads holding them

    Another cool thing that George Barnes just reminded me of the other day
    is that you can use the 8mm allen axle bolts and just carry an allen
    wrench with you instead of a 14mm socket wrench.

    cheers.... Mojoe

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  4. uni412

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    Does this mean that the NImbus 24" Muni is better than the Yuni 24" Muni
    because it has a UDC hub and the Yuni has a Suzue hub? If so, why is it
    so much cheaper?

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  5. pluto

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    The Suzue feels no where near as rigid compared to the one and
    with 2 of my suzues the thread 'knackered'. definately

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