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    29 August 2005
    BBC News Online

    Have you been affected by stress since the London attacks?

    Nearly a third of Londoners and almost two thirds of Muslims felt under
    severe stress following the London bombings, according to the British
    Medical Journal.

    Their research also found that more than 30% of the 1,010 people
    questioned, were using public transport less frequently.

    People who had problems contacting others by mobile phone on 7 July were
    most likely to have suffered from stress.

    Were you affected by stress? Do you feel safe travelling by public
    transport in London? Did you have difficulties contacting anyone during
    the London attacks? Send us your comments and experiences.

    The following comments reflect the balance of views received:


    Stress arises in a state of "learned helplessness". Do the dunces who
    keep banging on about statistics (more dangerous driving etc) feel out
    of control at the wheel of their cars? Are they so enamoured of
    statistical data that it subsumes their lived experience? I'd feel less
    stressed riding a unicycle down a busy road than sitting in the tube -
    where I am totally at the mercy of my surroundings. The element of
    control (even if illusory) on the unicycle is enough to fend off stress.
    Sitting in a carriage several hundred feet under the earth and feeling
    that I have no control over the actions of whichever petty terrorist
    gang wishes to make it's point with my death is enough to make me feel
    totally helpless. Ex-Serviceman


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