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    Thanks for the sumo tip John. I'll do that at our next practice. In
    addition to general uni skills it will help our linemen.

    We do have the rule about being mounted, however we also have a ref
    that is generally biased twards the underdogs, and is also bribable. He
    let the ankle grab illegal tackle go because it was that teams first
    game, everyone was noobs, and also for the sheer comedic effect of the
    grab. I don't think he even lifted up his head from the ground to do
    it. Just flat on his back like a dead man but the hand came up. It was

    Nacho, The final score was 54 to 48 with the hot dogs winning by a
    touchdown scored in the last 20 seconds. It almost went in to overtime.
    It was the highest scoring game yet. There were three Unicychos playing
    for the Narwals in the second half though. Marcus had to come in after
    all to make sure his team didn't lose to the newbies.

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