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  1. Who cares what it says in your signature...I know jesus doesn't. If you
    want to unicycle for Christ then do so. You do not need to tell people
    to join your little club by putting something in their signature. If
    people like Jesus, they will like Jesus...I don't need half the people
    on the forum advertising Jesus.


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    \"obie is definately a trend setter, i got in to unicycling because of
    him, and came here because of him\" - kj-52

    \"try not to annoy the great obie, for he is better than us.\" - murde

    *disclaimer: the above message was not intended to offend anyone. if
    you are offended i can take no responsibility for my actions because i
    don't feel like it. also you are reading an internet newsgroup where
    not everyone will share your same views and beliefs, be able to take
    criticism and post/read threads at your own risk.*
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