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    Worminton wrote:
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    > Actually I've heard a few theroies that the uni came first. Oh well. *

    Unicycles almost certainly came before bicycles in the form we know them
    (equal sized wheels with a chain drive) because the first unicycles were
    penny farthings with the back wheel removed.

    I've got some old photos of these giant wheeled unis been lined up for a
    race, they look amazing :)

    Hoever, this doesn't remove from the fact that unicycles as we know them
    today benefit massively from the bike industry. A prime example is in
    muni- 24" rims and 3" tyres easily available because they're used for
    downhill mountain biking.

    And I agree with John that I don't think we should be dissing bikes. IMO
    unicycles are brilliant, but so are bikes; while I personally rarely use
    a two wheeler the fact remains that it's a suberb, eco friendly, easy to
    learn form of transport, and the world would be a better place if there
    were more bikes and less motor transport.

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