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  1. On Oct 7, 9:01 am, Steve Kramer <> wrote:
    > J D Craggs wrote:
    > > Yeah. I knew him well.

    > CALL FOR THE QUOTATION POLICE!!!!! They say this is the second most
    > misquoted line in literature. It should be; "I knew him, Horatio." No
    > 'well' in the sentence.
    > > (But not in the biblical sense of

    > > 'knew'.

    > That's what they all say....
    > Just for fun, the #1 most misquoted line;
    > "Ours not to reason why
    > Ours but to do _____ die." And takers? No fair looking it up.
    > Steve Kramer
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    Say Hey Stevie:

    Any word from Nobuko-san as to where I may purchase a shokutaku
    tsukemono kit here in Chiang Mai? From what I read, the people in
    Japan get their jollies from using this type of apparatus. Waiting
    your reply pal, with 'baiting' breath.

    5555 Yee-Haw !!