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    >I've been wondering about unsalted butter for a long time, because so often
    >in a recipe that calls for it, one of the other ingredients is salt! (What
    >prompted this was Dimitri's recipe for Tapenade Butter in the Gourmet
    >Dinner/Help thread, which, among the ingredients included: unsalted butter,
    >anchovies <cough> VERY salty, and then salt & pepper to taste)
    >I admit I've never tried unsalted butter, because it's almost twice the
    >price of the regular stuff which is already an obscene price IMHO. For the
    >enquiring minds, ordinary butter is $3.19/lb at Safeway here in Manitoba,
    >or get this - $3.97 at WalMart (We Sell For Less) - hah!
    >So, does unsalted butter make an appreciable taste difference, especially
    >when you end up adding salt, or salty ingredients later?

    I don't know about taste in cooking (it tastes RS on bread :) but
    somewhere in the deep recesses ISTR that unsalted butter isn't as
    prone to burning in the pan (i.e. much like, but not to the same
    extent, as ghee which is a cooking oil preferred by many).

    While you can buy ghee (clarified butter) you can also make it without
    too much trouble. For instructions see:

    Dunno about their burning ember test though -- I would have thought
    their second method of affirming "doneness" would have been adequate,
    and safer! Indeed, that's the method recommended at another site:

    A bit more of much the same info plus other stuff Indian at:

    Cheers, Phred.

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