Re: Value of sweating



>1) water is also lost through breathing, and one breathes harder
during runs
2) Accuracy of the scale may be a limiting factor.

ig, for someone who consistently says they are not into this competitively and
or just do this for "fun" sure are into a lot of detailed aspects of
running that not even hardcore passionate runners bother with. you seem to be
looking to sharpen a lot of edges...

is it possible you are one competitive SOB looking to kick some ass? just

Phil M.

Leafing through rec.running, I read a message from ignoramus29457
@NOSPAM.29457.invalid of 21 Dec 2004:

> I am very serious about wanting to run a marathon and, possibly, a
> certain local race this spring. I am quite fixated on trying to
> relatively well in that marathon. Relatively means relative to my
> abilities. I do plan on putting a serious effort into doing well
> though, serious meaning spending enough time exercising.

41 weeks until the Chicago Marathon. What's your plan?

Phil M.


>41 weeks until the Chicago Marathon. What's your plan?

Phil M.

i believe the facts illustrate one does not need a plan when it comes to

*joke alert*....relax folks...not looking to stir anything up. i have a lot of
respect for all marathons and that includes the low bar :)