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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Edward Dolan, May 11, 2006.

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    > >>>
    >> >>> Claiming to be "elite" and being recognized by others for that status
    >> >>> are two very different things.
    >> >>
    >> >> Try to get real, why don't you? Those of us who are superior to the
    >> >> common run of humanity KNOW it and there is no reason why we should
    >> >> not
    >> >> claim what is rightly ours. All three of us, Vandemann, Curtiss and I,
    >> >> are clearly superior to the everyday slobs that we see all about us.
    >> >> Who
    >> >> cares if others, who are far stupider than we are, recognize us or
    >> >> not.
    >> >> Nay, I shall continue on my path of self-proclaimed Greatness until
    >> >> the
    >> >> Grim Reaper says otherwise.
    >> >>
    >> >
    >> > Please do not include me as being "superior". If you want to dance
    >> > about
    >> > proclaiming "I am great - I am better than you" then have at it. I
    >> > would
    >> > much rather be in the larger group simply looking away and shaking our
    >> > heads while wondering if your parents dropped you on your head as a
    >> > child.

    >> You obviously are not familiar with the membership of ARBR. You are
    >> superior
    >> to them, but of course you are infinitely inferior to Ed Dolan the Great.
    >> I
    >> thought that was understood without ME having to point it out to you.
    >> I regard you as nothing but a biker slob.You have the morality of a
    >> cretin
    >> with your despicable mountain biking agenda. May you rot in Hell forever
    >> for
    >> desecrating my sacred footpaths with your freaking bike. I am going to
    >> advise the Devil to single you out for special torments.

    > Ed, you assert that you are a saint and even are so bold as to claim
    > that you have almost ascended to the stature of a god and yet now imply
    > that you are in league with the devil. The conundrum continues. Oh
    > you with the split personality. Take your meds and confine yourself to
    > your rubber room for the duration of this debate.

    Gods and Devils are conversant with one another. I thought everyone knew

    > Curtis, you are wasting your time with Mr. D. and Mr V. When it comes
    > to the rules of engagement, neither plays fairly in the debating arena.
    > Many of their arguments are replete with logical fallacies. They are
    > both stubborn and inflexible. Both are purveyors of disinformation.
    > They are enamored of cyclical rhetoric which is employed to advocate
    > their own personal agenda. Unsubstantiated opinions are offered as
    > though fact. When cornered, their only response is no response or
    > intorduction of an irrelevant diversion. You can't win arguing with
    > these sorts.

    Vandeman is much more concise in his arguments than I am. I do tend to
    wander about a bit as I do not like to get too concentrated on any one
    thing. I am essentially a dilettante at heart and while I recognized the
    necessity for professionals, I have never wanted to be one. I glory in my

    It is also my belief that newsgroups are not a suitable forum for getting
    anyone to ever change their opinions about anything. Instead, I see Usenet
    forums as good for nothing but fun and games. That is my only agenda, to
    have some fun. JimmyMac does not play the game of Usenet as well as I do.
    That is his only objection. I will sometimes let him have the last word
    since he so clearly desires it, but I make damn sure he never gets the best

    As far as Ed Dolan is concerned, his multitude of
    > repetitious screeds (read Gospels according to St. Edward) stands in
    > testimony that he missed his calling as a preacher. Then again much
    > the same can be said of Vanderman. It is obvious to me that all of you
    > are bright people, though one, by hi own admission, considers himself
    > vastly superior to all (HEADward GRATE). At this juncture you should
    > all realize that you will never agree with one another or convince one
    > another so eventually you will just have to agree to disagree. I know
    > there will be no satisfaction to be had from that, but this is the
    > inevitable outcome when an impasse has been reached and what we have
    > here is a stalemate. - Jim McNamara

    I have already moved on. No one can ever accuse Ed Dolan the Great of being
    a one note Johnny. The best way of ending a thread is by resorting to name
    calling, after which it is realized by one and all that the thread is over
    and done with. Besides, it is well known that those of us here on these
    bicycle newsgroups have very short attention spans.


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