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    Perdu wrote:
    > Seems the consensus is, when you get swollen ankles and retain too

    > water - you're not drinking enough water? I think I drink plenty. But
    > apparently not. After a full day I come home and have swollen ankles

    > got a lot worse after starting induction.
    > I walk a lot at work. Possibly a couple of miles or so. But I do get

    > sit in front of the PC as well. This ankle business has been getting


    25 years ago I went to a specialist because I kept swelling. I would
    wake up in the morning miserable and swollen to the point where my
    brain even seemed to not work right. After extensive tests the Dr.
    diagnosed the problem as "Cystic Edema" I think this sort of term is
    used by a doctor who can find no organic cause for a condition but
    wants to tell you something.

    Since then I have found that I seem to be salt intolerent. If I eat
    too much salt I swell, if I keep it to a minimum I don't. Other than
    that nothing seems to have an impact on the problem, and I have had
    many tests since.