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    > > The flagship of commercial dieting programs (Weight Watchers) was

    > the
    > > subject of a 2-year randomized controlled trial comparing it with
    > > dietary counseling/self-help in a study whose results were recently
    > > published in JAMA:
    > >
    > >
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    > > The bottomline is that the average achieved weight loss at 2 years

    > was
    > > only 6.4 pounds for Weight Watchers compared to only 0.4 pounds for
    > > counseling alone for folks who were quite hefty with a BMI range of

    > 27
    > > to 40.
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    > > Food for discussion.

    > I lost 90 pounds on WW, that was 30 years ago, before the points
    > system, I preferred the old system, was perfectly balanced as far as I
    > was concerned - they gave you less choices. I gained some weight back
    > about 4 years ago and developed diabetes (after 22 years of reactive
    > hypoglycemia plus Gestational diabetes 4 known times and a year in the
    > impaired glucose tolerance range). I have been on a lower carb diet
    > since then for bg control but still needed to lose some weight. I
    > started a low carb diet (with calorie control as well and definitely
    > not HIGH protein) - Atkins style - about 2 months ago. 15 kg loss to
    > date - lipids are perfect. Counselling wouldn't work for me, calorie
    > reduction does.
    > In most cases there has to be a motivator, this time round the
    > diabetes is a motivator as well as the fact I am an older mum, still
    > with young kids, one of whom has Down syndrome and some residual heart
    > problems after open heart surgery at age 4 months. I need to be
    > around a bit longer for the kiddies. The original WW diet isn't as
    > suitable for me for diabetic control a slower carb, I prefer to stay
    > off diabetic meds as long as possible. I take an ARB for bp and
    > kidney protection.

    The vegetarian lifestyle is the healthiest way.

    Jai Maharaj
    Om Shanti