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    On 9 Mar 2006 19:36:18 -0800, "Damsel in dis Dress"
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    >Crash got a barebones system for me, and we're sharing that until his
    >is returned (he had sent it back for repairs). Therefore, I'll be
    >using Google until I have my own hard drive in this computer (Crash
    >inadvertently left my HD in the computer that he sent back). So, I
    >won't be posting a lot right away.

    Good to see you back. I saw Crash in the chat room the other night,
    and figured something was up on the 'puter front.
    >What's with all these hostile newbies? This NG is looking pretty toxic
    >right about now.

    Comes and goes and comes back again.
    >News on the health front (there's always something). As long as Crash
    >and I have been together, I've been beating the snot out of him in my
    >sleep. Screaming, swearing, punching, kicking, you name it. Finally
    >found out what it is. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. What it boils down
    >to is that I physically act out my (usually violent) dreams. (Google

    D had a roommate in college who acted out her dreams. Her name was
    Carol, too. Connection?
    >Very rare condition, usually suffered by middle aged and elderly males.
    > Most of the articles I've read online mention Parkinson's in relation
    >to this other thing. I've intentionally not read about that.
    >Crash also reports me laughing boisterously for long periods of time
    >for no discernable reason. I have awakened twice while turning the
    >pages of a non-existent book. Crash says I also do a lot of writing in
    >the air at night.

    Wow, I wish we could somehow record your REM prose. Or is it poetry?
    The aesthetic possibilities are enough to make a Surrealist drool with
    envy. And even though I'm not a Surrealist, I must confess to more
    than a little interest, myself. Once in college, I awoke after the
    last sentence of a dreamed essay on the impossibility of an ideal
    language. Apart from finding it very convincing, all I could remember
    was the last sentence.

    I don't mean to make light of the situation, though. And I hope you
    can find some degree of symptomatic relief.

    OBFood: I have chicken wings in the oven for snacks for a happy hour
    we're attending tonight. I have to cook them this morning because
    I'll be working right up to party time this evening.

    "My baby's got no clothes
    'Cause she's makin' chicken soup."

    -- Chuck E. Weiss