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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by VisionSet, Apr 12, 2004.

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    > >>> O.K., I hate to be so stupid but is there any evidence to suggest
    > >>> that a lower tire pressure will help traction in the rain?

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    > >> No.

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    > > I say yes as it puts more rubber in contact with the road (larger
    > > contact patch).

    > 1. It allows the tyre to squirm more, thus reducing its handling.
    > 2. To the extent that it applies to bicycle tyres, lower pressure allows
    > the tread to deform which in turn reduces its effectiveness at displacing
    > water. That's why motorcycle racers always run wet weather tyres at full
    > pressure.

    Didn't one of the bike tyre manufacturers do a test, and they found that
    insufficient water displacement would only occur if you cycled 200mph.
    Having a larger contact patch through a little underinflation is hardly
    likely to bring that figure anywhere near an obtainable value.

    Mike W