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Mark Leuck

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> I do not own a recumbent but think I would like one. I found this one
> for sell but don't know what to offer. I know the seller, who used to
> own a bike shop so I know the bike is in good repair.
> The sell sent me the following information.
> My bike is a Vision USS (under seat stearing) 10 yr old, with XT
> equipment which is excellent. Has thumb shifters. This bike is old, but
> in excellent condition with good tires and brake pads. Remember once
> you ride you will not go back...The price we can deal on, We can start
> at about $700.00. The cost new was $2395.00
> Does anyone out there know if this bike is worth this much?
> Thanks
> Mike
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> mike

It's close enough

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