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    > Max C: ...
    > > is almost certainly going to be
    > > using factory farmed animal foods for the study. It doesn't discredit
    > > what I said, which was "The only studies I've seen implicating
    > > eggs as a health hazard were those done on factory-farmed eggs..."

    > Pearl:
    > Hirayama T. Paper presented at conference on breast cancer
    > and diet, US-Japan Co-operative Cancer Research Program,
    > Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre, Seattle WA Mar 14-15 1977.
    > 'Some of the largest studies on breast cancer in medical history
    > :have been conducted by Dr Takeshi Hirayama, at the National
    > Cancer Research Institute in Tokyo. Monitoring over 122,000
    > women over decades, Dr Hirayama discovered that women
    > who eat meat daily have four times the risk of developing breast
    > cancer than those women who eat little or no meat (5). Those
    > women who eat eggs daily also have 286% more cancers than
    > those women who eat one or less a week. A similar finding
    > was discovered in respect to consumption of butter and cheese.
    > ...
    > Cancer - researchDiet&Lifestyle.htm
    > That's what decades prior to 1977 in Japan has to do with it. /
    > Have you researched the Japanese lifespan in the decades
    > prior to 1977? Not impressive.

    oops... I mis-read 'lifespan' as 'lifestyle'. But Max's task should be clear.

    > / You had better do exactly that if you want to try to support your claim,
    > sorry- assumption, that *factory*-farmed eggs were the cause of cancer. /