Re: What speed will win RTL?



maestro8 wrote:
> This is news to me.
> The biggest question remains... will any of the teams be "juicing up"
> for the race? This would have a significant impact on performance.

Except on climbs I find my unicycle speed less limited by the heartrate
than the form I can maintain.

My average unicycle heartrate for a ride of a given duration is always
lower than what I can sustain for a run or bicycle ride of the same

I think this must be the biggest advantage of the GUni (having never
seen one in person, mind you) that a greater speed can be sustained
with less bodily forces upsetting balance.

From just an endurance point of view, the heartrate I can maintain for
a given time, I should be able to beat the 24 hour record no problem :p
With my @$$ in the saddle, however, there are other issues that keep
me from making that attempt.

I'm not so sure how much juicing would help.

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