Re: what uni related accomplishments have you made in '05?



My uni accomplishments for the year:
1 foot wheel walking
spins (still need to get better at the spins)
casual Coker ride up and down Hurricane Ridge (1 mile of elevation gain
and loss)
casual group Coker ride in the Chilly Hilly around Bainbridge Island

What I didn't get to this year was an epic muni ride. I sprained my
ankle near the end of the good riding season and wasn't able to do an
epic muni ride before the yucky weather set in.

Goals for next year is to learn gliding and improve on some skills like
backwards circles. I have a high standard before I'll claim that I'm
able to do a skill. I need to be able to do it well before I'll say I
can do it. My backwards circles are not there yet.


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