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LAsse Viren was not under suspicion, it was widely reported that he used blood
transusions, he would store some of his own blood, then transfue it at some
latter date. They did not call it doping in the 60's and 70's.

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>> Ohh, I just found this:
>> One rider confessing to EPO use in 1991, and said it was common in
>> 1990-1991.
>> The link also mentions this: "Between 1987, when EPO became available
>> in Europe, and 1990, 18 Dutch and Belgian cyclists died suddenly,
>> raising suspicions that naive users did not realize they were playing
>> with fire."
>> So perhaps it became the norm in 1990? Or earlier?
>> Perhaps it can help break Tour de France time trial records?

>Before EPO, there was blood doping (transfusions) which was probably
>just as effective. This was around in the 70s and 80. I remember the
>middle distance runner Lasse Viren from Finland was under suspicion back
>then. For this reason it would be difficult to pinpoint a big
>performance step up due to EPO.
>Phil H

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