Re: When did you start counting calories?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Doug Freyburger, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Amanda wrote:
    > Being that I'm still fairly new to lowcarb (I have done it for about

    > or so weeks total) I'm wondering about when you started paying
    > attention to calories.
    > I have started watching them in the past couple weeks and strive to
    > keep them below 1500.
    > I keep seeing 'calories will count eventually', I'm just wondering
    > what people feel is the 'eventually'.

    My perspective from being on Atkins:

    Depends on what you mean by counting carbs. In your case it
    means reducing them and in my opinion you are way to early
    for that, maybe even a year to early.

    Watching cals only to confirm I wasn't overeating - any time
    after Induction. I waited a few months then counted for a
    couple of weeks and did an average to see if my calories
    were in line with a common guideline like 10 calories per
    pound of goal.

    Watching cals in order to reduce them - so long as you are
    certain you're not overeating, then it's potentially only
    needed in the last 20-30 pounds.

    Watching cals to bust a stall - maybe the 4th thing to try
    when you hit a stall by the formal definition from Dr A,
    so long as you are certain you're not overeating.