Re: Where are Salsa quill stems?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by [email protected], Aug 27, 2004.

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    unlike many, I like my stems with a + rise.

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  4. On Sat, 28 Aug 2004 08:50:32 -0400, B wrote:

    > unlike many, I like my stems with a + rise. B

    Then you might very well like the Bruce Gordon Chicken Neck stem, which is
    available in both stock and custom.


    quoting from the web site:

    Chicken Neck Stems

    Made by Bruce Gordon Cycles in the Chicken Capital of the World, Petaluma,
    CA, the Bruce Gordon Chicken Neck Stems are TIG welded of 4130 ChroMo
    steel with the same care and precision as all the other Bruce Gordon
    products. Available from stock in 7 to 15cm reach with 11 or 20 degree
    rise and 25.4 clamp, other lengths or angles on special order.

    Color: Black powder coat, or painted to match the frame.

    Bruce Gordon Chicken Neck Stem $80.00 Bruce Gordon Chicken Neck Stem -
    Custom Size $98.00

    Bruce Gordon QS2s

    ""Foolproof, even when used with finicky index shifting systems." -
    Bicycle Guide Magazine

    QS2 stands for Quick Switch System gear cable splitters. Switch from drop
    bar to flat bars in under 3 minutes, without having to readjust
    derailleurs or brakes. Packaged to do cables on one bike.


    Bruce Gordon QS2 Gear Cable Splitters $30.00

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