Re: Where the cyclists in America belong: back alleys, gutters andsidewalks



Gunner Asch wrote:
> On Sun, 20 Apr 2008 13:29:51 -0500, "Edward Dolan" <[email protected]>
> wrote:
>>> But thats the typical arrogance of many bike riders. They simply
>>> cannot stand critism for their elitist outlook or their arrogance and
>>> utter stupidity.
>>> No wonder many die as the result of their actions. Darwin events
>>> actually.
>>> Pity
>>> Gunner, who rides Cannondale, Trek, Paramount, but doesnt try to bully
>>> vehicles outweighing him by many tons.

>> Nor do I! But you have a peculiar attitude for someone who rides bicycles.
>> Every cyclist who has ever ridden his bike on the open road has experienced
>> motorists who bully them because they do not want them on the road - period!
>> It is a wonder to me that more cyclists do not track down such motorists and
>> literally murder them!

> And everyone who has ever drivin a motor vehicle around bike riders
> has had the bike riders bully them.

Aw, poor Runner. So sad to be coward...

Those big manly guys on their 30 lb bicycles are such bullies,
especially when confronted by wimps in multi-ton masses of steel powered
by hundreds of horsepower.


> Its a wonder to me that they simply dont just twitch the wheel a
> smidge, far more often than they do.

What an asshole. Of course we knew that, but the fact that you
broadcast it as though you were proud of it.

Wow! Just "wow."

> You are a paranoid nutcase Dedward and a Darwin event waiting to
> happen.

Well, I have seen a friend run off the road. He came within inches of
probable death or severe injury. A friend was run over recently. She
was a pedestrian.

Face it, many people driving cars just do not take much care. I've
always taught my kids to be respectful of those without armor, but I
also tell them it is better to be alive than right. YMMV.


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