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total uni

WALLACEISSHORT [6:52 PM]: i hate potter
WALLACEISSHORT [6:52 PM]: he is a dipshit
WALLACEISSHORT [6:53 PM]: (and hes obsessed with harry potter
Byrnetown [6:55 PM]: he's cool
WALLACEISSHORT [6:55 PM]: sometimes
Byrnetown [6:55 PM]: all the time
Byrnetown [6:55 PM]: what did he do to you?
WALLACEISSHORT [6:56 PM]: u can read the replies he made to me
WALLACEISSHORT [6:56 PM]: i gave him ma reason not to do it anymore
but he did it again anyway
WALLACEISSHORT [6:56 PM]: even if he was kidding
Byrnetown [6:56 PM]: hes just foolin with you
WALLACEISSHORT [6:56 PM]: i know
WALLACEISSHORT [6:56 PM]: but its anoying!


total uni

two wrongs dont make a right, but three rights make a left
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it is not following proper internet etiquette to post AIM conversations
on a public forum, especially when the conversation is insulting to
another member.

total_uni, there is no prize for starting the most threads so take it

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uni will

ok if your gonna be a as*.

Byrnetown (6:10:27 PM): know any where i can get foam chunks?
wallaceisshort (6:10:38 PM): nope
Byrnetown (6:12:10 PM): i am blocking you and never teaching you how to
do uni tricks
Byrnetown (6:12:12 PM): byebye


wallaceisshort (6:52:09 PM): obie replyed to your thread
Byrnetown (6:52:21 PM): big whoop
wallaceisshort (6:52:27 PM): lol
wallaceisshort (6:52:33 PM): u hate him dont you?
Byrnetown (6:52:41 PM): yes


Byrnetown (6:40:23 PM): hi
wallaceisshort (6:40:28 PM): hi
Byrnetown (6:40:29 PM): did i say hi?
Byrnetown (6:40:31 PM): hih
Byrnetown (6:40:34 PM): hello
Byrnetown (6:40:35 PM): ?
Byrnetown (6:40:36 PM): hi

heres more.
and you can also just look around on this forum and you will find
multipule times where people got mad at him for spaming.

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if everybody is different, then whats normal?
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