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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Edward Dolan, Jan 31, 2006.

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    > St. Ed Dolan the Grate wrote:
    >> ...
    >> STFU too Ron, whatever the hell that means....

    > Shut The Fock Up.
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    > Tom Sherman - Fox River Valley (

    Let's see, Ron wrote "SFTU, moron" and Mr. Sherman wrote "Shut the Fock Up".
    I would like to know at this point if someone is trying to tell me

    But the Great Ed Dolan is not one to shut up. Nay, he is one to shut others
    up. It is a point of pride with me that I never resort to one-liners. That
    is for idiots like Ron and, increasingly of late, Mr. Sherman. I wonder what
    satisfaction anyone gets from writing a one-liner.

    Folks who write one-liners are right down there with folks who top post.
    They are surely going to burn in Hell for all eternity for their
    transgressions against the good decorum of honorable newsgroups like ARBR
    and RBM.

    I urge all of you numskulls out there in Usenet-land to emulate the Great Ed
    Dolan. Never say in a few words what you can say in many words.


    Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
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