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  1. Scott and I are going. I'll be doing the 10K and the basic races, plus
    obstacle course. Scott will do all the track and field events. We haven't
    figured out what unicycles we are taking. We're in Springfield, Oregon,
    U.S.A., and thoroughly enjoyed Unicon 11, which was wonderfully close.
    Scott has been riding 20+ years, and I've been riding 7. I ride
    my 24" 7 to 8 miles three times a week for exercise. He's Level 5 or 6,
    and I'm Level 1. All five of our kids ride.
    Scott and I decided three or four years ago that we would go to
    Unicon XII, wherever it was, to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. So
    we've been planning on going for quite a while, although it wasn't until
    Unicon 11 that we found out where we were going.


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    >Just curious- I've been on this forum for two years now, but the only
    >overseas rider I've met is Nathan Hoover.
    >So, just for interest- who from this forum is going to UNICON?
    >For added interest perhaps also include details of what events you're
    >focussing on, what country you're from, how long you've been riding
    >I'll start:
    >Gizmoduck- Ken Looi
    >Country: New Zealand, Team NZUNI
    >Events: 10km unlimited, racing, MUNi, and other events just for fun.
    >Rider since: Dec 2000
    >Also how are people bringing their unicycles? I'll probably bring my
    >Coker, 29'er and a spare 24' wheel (to fit in my 29'er frame). I'll
    >just bring one pair of pedals and seat between them to save weight for
    >travelling. Also only three pairs of cranks- 110, 125, 150 and maybe
    >GizmoDuck - Adventure unicyclist
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    Unicon is one of those words you can type into Google or similar. You'll
    get tons of hits if you do that. Then you'll find it's the International
    University Consortium for Executive Education. Never knew that. Or
    Unicon Research Corporation! Or the Unified Extended Dialect of Icon.

    Actually I didn't find a unicycling reference until the bottom of the
    second page of Google hits! Then you get the one we're talking about.

    The word is a breakdown of UNIcycling CONvention. It has specifically
    become associated with the bi-annual International Unicycling
    Federation's Convention and World Championships. In short, it's the
    Olympics for unicycling.

    The first one of these was held in 1984 in Syracuse, NY. It was called
    "International Unicycling Convention." The word UNICON was coined during
    preparations for the second one, which was called World UNICON II and
    held in Nassau County, Long Island in 1986. The rest:

    III: 1987 - Tokyo, Japan
    IV: 1988 - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
    V: 1990 - Hull, Quebec
    VI: 1992 - Quebec City, Quebec
    VII: 1994 - Minneapolis, MN
    VIII: 1996 - Guildford, England
    IX: 1998 - Bottrop, Germany
    X: 2000 - Beijing, China
    XI: 2002 - Snoqualmie Valley, WA
    XII: 2004 - Tokyo, Japan
    XIII: 2006 - ?

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  4. i'll be going to 2006 (my "big" trip between highschool and college) but
    sadly this year is not an option...

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    i'll be there, (here!) but none of you ichirinsha-ers will be able to
    recognize me.

    heh! heh! heh!

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    for those of you who haven't bothered to brush up on your japanese
    before the upcoming unicon, \"ichirinsha\" is japanese for

    'ichirinsha' (

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    GizmoDuck wrote:
    > *looks like I'll be the only NZL rider there.
    > *

    Because you are the only NZ rider rich enough (or organised enough) to
    go there. I'd go if someone sponsored me, but I guess it's a bit late
    for that. If I had a couple of thousand dollars (for the airfare) I
    would probably spend it on a Coker instead.

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