Re: Why EDTA Chelation is Not More Widely Accepted

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    >Subject: Re: Why EDTA Chelation is Not More Widely Accepted
    >From: [email protected] (Jan)
    >Date: 5/9/2004 4:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time
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    >If EDTA chelation therapy is so good, why is it not

    >more widely accepted?"

    actually it IS widely accepted...for treatment of heavy metals..

    why...we were doing it in dialysis patients over 20 years ago....

    funny that a "treatment for CAD"

    still waiting for the pre and post angiographic proof that it can treat CAD

    funny that Janster hasn't returned with a retort when I pointed out that
    Doppler study of carotid AFTER chelation...AND lifestyle changes and decreased
    blood pressure did NOT proof that chelation did diddily squat..

    funny how Janster simply ignores explanations that she cannot understand..

    sad that...actually

    >As with EDTA chelation therapy, major pressures are brought to bear o

    >"deviant" physician to coerce him back into the accepted mold. He is
    >by his peers; he comes under professional attack for "lack of ethics;" his
    >medical and mental competence are questioned; he is accused of

    snip...funny that those of us IN the field are not aware of such ostracisim???

    or coercion "back into the accepted mold"

    in case Janny doesn't KNOW care professionals are not used car
    salesmen...nor daycare providers...

    that amount of schooling DOES document the ability to THINK