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    Mind if I tack on what I've found? I think that the more info we can get
    out there, the better. Snoopy, please give us a hand in

    **Please try not to respond to a Jai post, because he will reply with the
    entire original message restored. If you do respond to a Jai Maharaj post,
    please be sure to snip the original
    message in its entirety**

    "Dr. Jai Maharaj" Information

    This person's game is to use outdated articles to attract people to his
    website, where he sells psychic services. What's most amusing is that many
    of the groups to which his messages are crossposted do not exist. He
    plagues many USENET groups. His standard method of responding to an attack
    on his credibility is to repost the original article or to post the sender's
    personal contact information and threaten to report the sender to his/her
    ISP for spamming or making threats (the very definition of irony).

    Some info re: Jai Maharaj.
    Mantra Corporation
    P. O. Box 1919
    HI, 96792-6919
    IP Address []
    Business Entity Name: MANTRA CORPORATION
    Record Type: Master Name for a Domestic Profit Corporation
    File Number: 82087 D1
    Status: Active
    Place Incorporated: Hawaii UNITED STATES
    Incorporation Date: 11/30/1990
    Mailing Address: P O BOX 1919
    WAIANAE Hawaii 96792-6919
    United States of America
    Officer Information
    11/30/1990 Articles of Incorporation -
    P.O.Box 22481
    Honolulu, HI 96823-2481

    IP Address

    Administrative Contact:
    Wong, Delgory K.
    [email protected]
    ISP Flexnet, Inc.
    Flex Information Network 808.732.8849 HAWAII Email: [email protected]
    Hawaii's First Public Access Internet Provider
    IP Address:
    Himalayan Academy
    *107 Kaholalele Road*
    Kapaa, HI 11111
    IP Address

    Boy, there's a lot of info out there on this guy...quite a few domains not
    worth mentioning here...

    This is interesting:

    His "real" name is supposed to be Jay Stevens.

    There is an anti-Jay newsgroup too:
    A member of the "flame Jay Stevens" group is
    "Jose Mariachi", )another self-proclaimed "doctor"?)
    "Mariachi" web site could be another bogus cash grab remarkably similar to
    Stevens' site,

    Here's a neat Jai FAQ [long but interesting]
    and a short version here:

    He made Kook of the Month for June of 1995 here:

    Got anything to add? E-Mail [email protected]


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    > Johnny Jay Judas Bilious Maharaj wrote:
    > > Why Time Slows the Heart
    > >
    > > By Kathleen Doheny
    > > HealthScoutNews Reporter
    > > Friday, June 6, 2003
    > >
    > > Friday, June 6 (HealthScoutNews) -- Even if you are
    > > healthy, your heart slows down with age. Its pumping
    > > power declines, and the maximal heart rate -- the highest
    > > number of times your heart can contract in a minute --
    > > decreases.

    > You may use this to explain your ashen pallor, but I think it has more
    > to do with the bile your pervasive hatred creates, the long hours in
    > front of the cathode rays, the lack of fresh air and exercise, and the
    > endemic poor quality of your immediate environment. After all, how long
    > would any normal person stand the smell of stale spit? Please, boya,
    > seek help before it's too late.
    > Statutory warning: Asstrollogy is not a science. It is meant for
    > entertainment only. Any other claim in this regard is illegal and is
    > punishable with upto 30 days smelling Johnny's stale spit. In case the
    > perp is Johnny himself, the punishment will instead be 30 days of hourly
    > baths.

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    > Mind if I tack on what I've found?

    Aren't you about out of tacks by now?

    Repeating this post over and over and over is not nice. We've all seen it;
    now drop it.