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    >GoodLife 2000 Plus contains only natural plant substances especially selected
    >from 7 different countries all over the world. These plants, growing only

    >certain regions of these countries, give GoodLife 2000 its phantastic effects.
    >The art of the composition lies in the use of the single plant substances.
    >There are great differences for the effects whether the substances are
    >extracted from the root, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, or the
    >blooms or blossoms. This fine, exactly tuned herbal blend stimulates
    >the body’s metabolic functions and causes thermogenic effects. You
    >will feel an increase of energy which is usually not given with
    >conventional diets. Furthermore, GoodLife 2000 regulates your
    >Many herbs contained in GoodLife 2000 are tried and tested
    >for centuries, especially in China. GoodLife 2000 is very
    >easy to take and matches perfectly the needs of modern times.