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    Nancy Young wrote:
    > Terry Pulliam Burd wrote:
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    > > On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 10:51:33 -0500, Nancy Young

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    > > wrote:
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    > > >Same here ... it's you guys, and no actual men might even be
    > > >involved. Beats that creepy 'gals'
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    > > I'm going to try to remember to look this up in my etymology book

    > > the office, but IIRC, "gals" was an early 19th century reference to
    > > black female slaves (asbestos britches firmly in place here).

    > I had no idea of any such connotation or whatever, I just know I
    > don't like to be called gal. I don't mind being called girl, either,
    > except if it's in a work situation.
    > nancy

    I'm from Chicago - we say "guys". But a group of us whom have known
    each other forver started using "gals" with each other, just to
    irritate each other. Otherwise we say "chick" or "chicks" - like
    "Whazzup wid datchick?"

    Classy, I know.