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  1. War IS the answer.......if the question is, "Can you spell raw

  2. "Looking Glass Quixotic ~
    Quick silver swimmer, lover,
    O Quim Quid Pro Quo!
    O Quim quiver so!
    Smooth I slide upon my travel,
    Here a tunnel, there a shaft of light ~
    O sheets unravel!
    Tonight bedazzle!
    Cradled bosoms, silver finches,
    Waken pools as clear as air ~
    How dear this child wishes
    Silver Giver here!"
    ~ Twittering

    "Yorick proceeds, too, toward Too [ bitten ] to the Z ...
    Being a well ~ dressed Mourner,
    Sporting a black velvet Mourning Coat,
    But an eager courtier
    Of The Zoological Garden
    Of Authorial Equality Of Antiquity, his companion, a goat."
    ~ Etude

    "Yorick, who feeds citations to pet
    Ravens of Shakespeare, neither in delay
    Of day, nor haste of night, fetches
    For an extra coat of silver, to lacquer his velvet.

    Yorick devours a bite, bite, bite of delight,
    For his unsated hunger, for sate's sake
    ~ Of the Flat Ticker Tape

    Quotes unspooling,
    Of Theodore's Story Of Thee ~ *

    .... and a Horse of The Sea I saw
    Today, rocking, too, huddled close,
    An added odd Fauna. On toes,
    One frisky. Whooshing tail, no claws,

    Sports the other. A Hippocampus
    Who frolics and bathes in the sea
    Rocking with the Horse of The Sea
    I saw, apparently, runs rampant.

    Equine Aqua swishes tail, no paws.
    Tiptoes, the Hippocampus, I saw."
    ~ Twittering
  3. "An addled odd Fauna, en pointe,
    If arabesque, her pirouette,
    Performs extra prettily tonight ~ !"
    ~ Thusly