Re: Your bikes and modifications

Brompton L6
Official: 12% gear reduction and converted from L3, front pannier.
Cateye Mity 8
Nordlicht dynamo on front fork powering very modded Lumitech lamp
Larger mudflap
Flite Ti Saddle on Carbon Fibre seatpost
Toe clips
Removed Brompton transfer (i think they are pretty recognisable)
Cateye 5 rear LED

Dawes Twocan kiddyback tandem
BIG horn
barends with mirrors
vela kids saddle and crank shorteners
Adjustable stoker stem
Brooks B17 (thanks Simon Ward for breaking it in :) )
Dual cateye speedos
Dual Thunderbird 2 squeaky horns....NICE!
Custom (cardboard) fabricated map reader
Toe clips for stokid
Rhode gear Taxi rear seat
Blackburn lowrider front rack (rhode gear takes all the pannier
carrying capacity).

Other bikes have too many mods to mention, the RTB now hs drops, bar
ends and a fine Nelson Longflap saddlebag.

The wished for custom S&S coupled Roberts Audax custom will however be
perfect without any mods.
kind regards,
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