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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Colleen, Jul 22, 2003.

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    At least they are paying attention to what is going on this time. I really
    hope things get better for you soon. If you start getting too depressed,
    please call someone for help. Please.

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    > Well todays meeting with the doc was very interesting. I was sent for
    > cat scans and chest abnomalities found on either exam with
    > the exception of bowel space and some fluids.
    > I was sent today to have an ___Aldosterone and Vassioressin__ level
    > done along with a CBC, Chem 17, Urinalysis, magnesium level and all
    > the various cardiac profiles and liver profiles.
    > I don't know what they are looking for now but I see the Endo on
    > Thursday with all these tests in hand. Should be good for a laugh.
    > I remember when my brother got to this point he took his trusty gun
    > and shot himself out of this misery. Now I know why.
    > The IM also put me on Spironolactone twice a day.
    > The Zetia and Zocor are gone...he said stop them and stay off them and
    > try other methods. He seems to think there are some natural
    > approaches that won't be so damaging such as exercise, low fats etc.
    > I now see the lady with all the diets next Tuesday. Last time one of
    > them saw my diet they blew a gasket.
    > I hope all this stuff just ends soon.
    > Zbrigid