Real NON RBR Reaction



Some pro-Lance posters maintain that, yes, he could have been 'cured'
of testicular cancer with chemo because this type of cancer is
'primitive' and very 'susceptible to chemotherapy.'

THE POINT IS, however, Lance the spinmeister sez his cancer had spread
to his lungs and brain(!) THESE types of metastatic malignancies ARE
NOT 'primitive' and are not easily cured by chemo.

THIS IS THE POINT most doubters make.
And to date, no credible individual 'cured case' has come forward to
offer his- or herself as a parallel to Armstrong's claims.

Mad Dog

B. Lafferty says...

>And that's a scientific sampling?

It's just opinion data, dumbass.

Does it mean he's clean? No. But it shows that for every 3 of you, there's 7
other ESPN readers that believe otherwise. Just opinions.

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