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    I just bought two RealLites from Harris Cyclery - and I'm here to tell you that any cager who "just
    doesn't see you" with one of these on your bike is ready for a white stick!

    Bright hardly begins to describe it. It's past bright, through Very bright, and on into "Holy Mother
    of God!" bright.

    This is designed for daytime use as well as night, and I can see why. You might not want to use it
    at night on unlit roads - it would have the same effect as the fog lights on a MDG.

    Let's see about fixing it on that bent now.....

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind piecing out our imperfections with your thoughts; and while you're
    about it perhaps you could think when we talk of bicycles, that you see them printing their proud
    wheels i' the receiving earth; thanks awfully.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.