Really Newbie Questions for New Yorkers

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Ac, Apr 20, 2003.

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    Hi, I'm starting to train for the New York triathlon in August. It'll be my first one, and I've got
    lots of questions for anybody in the New York area. They're pretty basic, so please forgive me.

    1) I need a bike. I used to have a mountain bike, but I loaned it to family. I think I'd like to
    race on a road bike anyway. A cheap one. Anyone have a suggestion on where to find one?
    Craigslist... anywhere else?

    2) I need to get some open water experience. Can someone recommend a triathlon club or masters club,
    or even know of someone who needs a partner? I'm swimming okay -- about 1.5 miles, twice a week,
    but that's in a pool. I hardly know where to begin. I just know I don't want to be throwing
    myself into the Hudson!

    3) I need a wetsuit. I know I probably won't need one for the NY Tri, since its in August, and I
    think wet suits won't be permitted for
    it... but I figure I should get one for the open water swims anyway. I decided to get into
    Tris because I wanted to "escape from Alcatraz" (both of them) -- and I think I'll need a
    wetsuit for that!

    I've checked ebay, and I've seen some clearance deals at manufacturers selling last years models for
    around $100 (full body). Any suggestions on where best to check?