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Dec 24, 2014
Hello all,
I am looking to get some advice on what cargo rack to get for my bike. I have ordered the Axiom Cartier DLX panniers and need a little advice on what's best to use to secure it to my bike. I have a 2014 Sirrus Comp with disc brakes.
Thanks in advance for the input! IMG_20150222_152018_820.jpg


Mar 19, 2015

give that your photo shows you have mudguards, you will find any disk brake related pannier rack will fit your bike. You clearly have the brake bosses so any disc brake rack will fit provided it mentions 700c or 27.5" in it's fit (and some non-disc brake rack may also fit, but it is usually not worth the worry)

The rack will use the holes (brake braze ons) I have circled to mount. You will need to get a set of longer allen key style bolts to mount the rack as well as the mudguards (the other circle) but it is perfectly possible to do so easily.


Disc brake racks are basically wider to hold the pannier rack struts and your panniers away from the disc brakes. That is the only difference. What model you choose is entire up to you but something like this will be fine.

these are just examples of what to look for, you may want something cheaper.

the only thing you need to look out for is how the rack allows you to mount your rear light. One or two rack I have come across don't allow for any rear light mounting and this can sometimes be a problem. Just something to keep you on your toes.
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