Rear der adjustments/dialing it in

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004 17:32:28 -0700, Slacker <[email protected]>

>Michael Dart wrote:
>> Add to that the new SRAM trigger shifters. Thumb only operation keeps your
>> fingers on the brakes or around the grips where they belong. Very crisp
>> action too. I'm seriously considering them for my DH ride.
>> Mike

>Hey... where'd you see this thumb shifter? I don't remember hearing
>about them and I couldn't find anything on SRAM's website. Will they
>work with the X.0 der?

I'm using one of the rocket triggers for Shimano rear derailleur, I'm
very impressed with it. The X-7, X-9 and X-0 triggers are for the SRAM
Rear mechs