Rear der shifter on left or right?


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Aug 22, 2009
By default rear shifter is on right hand side of handlebars, and front brake on the left. Thing is, while braking fronts are used 99% of the time, because that's where the weight goes under braking. Rears are there for those times when fronts don't work I guess, because using rears under heavy braking results in lock up and fishtaling, try it.

So anyway, idea that I collected somewhere suggests switching default location for the front brake, instead of left hand side handlebars, it goes on the right, since most of you are right handed, this results in better control and more precise braking.

Now my question is, will I benefit from switching rear der shifter from right hand side to left? I mean, my reasoning is that if I'm braking with my right hand, I won't be able to downshift gears while braking. What you think? Another thing, is it even possible?

I have Motobecane Vent Noir, 105 10 speed shifters setup for 9 speeds, Shimano XT rear and Tiagra front, tripple. Road/City setup.
It's possible and a lot of folks do switch them. Very often cyclocross riders do switch the front brake to the left control. This helps as they are doing their rolling dismounts.
Basically, do what is good for you, no rules either way.