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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Ron Hardin, May 28, 2003.

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    I found a solution to the heavy-load wobble, namely adding a beam rack under a regular rack as
    support; that prevents side-to-side wobble, but the regular rack carries the heavy load.

    Just lash the regular rack to the beam, and remove the support of the regular rack at the front (so
    it's lashed to the beam instead front and back).

    The Bell beam rack has a single allen screw holding on the plastic deck, which you can unscrew and
    discard cleanly.

    Atop the regular rack I lash a milk crate, lined with a garbage bag and floored with a cardboard box
    floor; it holds two full paper (double) grocery bags perfectly. Put a piece of wood across the
    bottom of the plastic milk crate to distribute the load on the plastic

    Alternative without regular rack: screw the milk-crate's piece of wood to the beam, and run two
    sturdy-enough pieces of wood from that wood to the rear dropouts for support.

    Both have worked fine for a while now. No wobble, lots of load.

    A beam rack alone can hardly carry anything, but it supplies the side-to-side stability that all
    other racks lack under heavy load.
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