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Aug 18, 2015
I ride often at night using Cygolite Hot Shots. I use the 50 as it came with the combo when I bought the headlights. Sadly I lost one on a long ride with friends. I had it on my seat pack and as my friend was behind me, he said, "your light is off!". I replied not to worry as we had just completed the highway section so I didn't need it to be on, I told him.

A little confusion? If it were me, I would have said, "your light fell off!!". Light is off to me means the power is turned off. So 15 miles down the road, I notice my light had fallen off. Had he said "fell off", I would have stopped and looked for it. ;)

So I lost that one and I like 2 at night, one seat post and one helmet. So I picked up a Hot Shot 150 on ebay. Fast free delivery, got here and Oh My!

It was not charged so I plugged it in for about 3 minutes. Then turned it on to verify it works.

WOW! Almost blew out my eye sockets ha ha! Talk about bright! :eek:

There are several modes and some save more than others claiming up to 210 hours. We'll see about that but just turning it on with very little charge, I am impressed with the brightness. And, there is a daylight mode that claims to work really well to be seen during the day. I use it mostly at night so I'll have to test out the modes vs daylight mode.

But I like it and after having the 50's for a few years, I'd definitely recommend this bright sucker 150 Hot Shot!:cool:
If you think that 150 lumens is bright you should next buy a NiteRider Omega 300, I would not turn that think on directly into your eyes.
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If you think that 150 lumens is bright you should next buy a NiteRider Omega 300, I would not turn that think on directly into your eyes.

Yeah, don't blind yourself ha ha! One gal from the group asked me about my headlights. Only 300 lumen but I get several comments on how bright they are. Only 300 Cygolites.

Then she told me she ordered a headlight with 3,000 lumen. :eek::D:eek: She might end up burning a hole into another riders back on the group ride ha ha! 3,000 ?!?!
3,000 lumens...was she planning on landing on a runway at night?

During the day I run a small Lezyne Hecto Drive XL 400 lumen light on strobe mode on the bars and at night it goes to the helmet; and then I add a Phillips SafeRide 80 to the bars, remember those? That light was built like a tank, thick aluminum housing, no plastic on the housing, anyway, it puts out an aimed beam that is equivalent to 1,000 lumens, its only weakness was that it ran off of 4 rechargeable (or regular) AA batteries, but since that light came out the amp hours on rechargeable batteries went way up so my run time went from 6 hours to 7 on the low setting, and 2 to 3 on high, but I rarely run it on high. So even though I have a bright light I don't need to run it that high, so if I'm fine at 600 lumens I can't imagine why 3,000 would be needed. I think the SafeRide light came out in 2012 which is when I got it, 8 years later it still is the brightest light I'll see riding at night where I live.

During the day I use that NiteRider Omega 300 on flash mode but at night I change it to steady, and then I add a NiteRider Sentry Aero 260 to the helmet on what's called an alternating mode, it goes from a side flash to a rear flash. The Aero 260 is suppose to have 260 lumens, but it's only half as bright as the Omega 300, but I like its side lighting effect.

Anyway, that's how I roll.
Yeah, I searched and found a small looking cube light on amazon for $50. But still don't know why she would need that much. Plus I have a bud who boasted about his bright light but it died after 15 minutes. Hmm!

When I got my cygolites, I was riding with a buddy at night into the mountains on road bikes. He had one of those big lights with the big water bottle battery. He said my light was close to his but much less hassle. I like the usb recharge thing. Wouldn't want to carry extra wires and stuff on my bike.
I have Lezyne lights.

The rear dayflash modes are 150 or 300 lumens, and the front dayflash mode is 1000 lumens. Many other modes as well, but not bright enough for daytime use.

I am very happy with these lights.
Yojimbo: my little Lezyne Hectro Drive DL 400 I can see it easily a couple of blocks away on strobe mode in broad daylight, if a motorist can't see it that thing they shouldn't be driving! But technically you have more control over what's happening in front of you then you do behind you, so as far I'm concerned using a daylight running front light is just a small step in extra safety because I know what's going on in front of me. As far as the rear is concerned, again, the NiteRider Omega 300 can also be seen for a mile away in broad daylight, according to a cop that told me he could see that far, he was thanking me for using one during the day. So certain lights are readily seen during the day. I have seen other riders using dim, probably around 50 lumens, lights and I never noticed they were on till I was about a foot behind them, sort of useless to be running something that dim during the day. I use to have a 90 lumen tail light and that was barely visible as well during the day, but at the time I bought that light that's all there was in bright tail lights.

Mr Beanz; Rechargeable batteries are quite fragile. You have to read the instructions about how to treat the battery, some say to recharge it when you get new, and others say it's fully charged and ready for use and not to recharge it before using it. Even manufactures of these lights don't really understand how to make the battery last longer...either that or they want the battery to die so you'll buy another light! So you don't generally find detailed information in light operation manual on how to keep the battery healthy. Li ion bats do not like to be fully discharged, that will shorten their life, you need to make sure that you recharge them after EVERY use regardless how long you ran the light; if you ran it for 5 minutes, recharge it.

I also haven't heard of any light that will run for only 15 minutes on high, maybe one of those 3,000 lumen jobs might because the battery required to run a light putting out that much power for even 2 hours would be quite large and weighty. But my Phillips SafeRide using the original lower amp hr 4 AA bats would run for 6 hours on the low setting (there are only 2 settings, low and high), now with nearly 1,000 more amp hr batteries I get 7 hours of run time; and I've estimated that my high power mode is about an hour longer than before; but for me I rarely run it on high because the light on low is plenty for me unless it's very dark and rainy. Using 4 AA bats are not as good in run time as a dedicated battery pack, battery packs have a lot more amp hr capability; also if you read the run times that manufactures quote about their lights, they are really close to within 15 minutes...EXCEPT for those cheap made in China generic lights you see all over Amazon, those you'll be lucky to get 1/2 the listed run time, you'll also be lucky to get 1/2 the rated lumens they brag about; but the major brands will be real close in their battery run times, but their lumens could be off by 20 percent from what I've seen in beam comparison sites.

So that person you know that can only get 15 minutes either has a immensely bright light, or the battery is near death.

The other weird thing about batteries, regardless if for a light you have on you bike or for general home use, if the bats are made in China they won't put out the amp hrs they say they will, they will not hold a charge long, and they won't last as long as the ones made in Japan. I actually read a study that was done on a bunch of batteries, and the Japanese batteries lasted longer all the way around. The problem with buying a light for a bike is they won't tell you where they sourced the power cells, but you can tell if when you charge it and the light lasts as long as they say it will. For home use you can easily know where the battery is made by looking at the battery. If you need rechargeable AA bats for a flashlight or kids toys or whatever, look to Ikea, they sell a rechargeable battery called LADDA, the price will astound you, just $7 for a 4 pack, these are made in Japan, and in that study I mentioned they won the contest which surprised the testers, and they even beat out Eneloop. I bought a bunch of packs of those bats because they were cheaper then throw away bats! I have grandkids with all sorts of toys they goof with, and I have stuff my self that I use those bats for, and they've been very reliable and long lasting. Of course with rechargeable home bats you need a good charger, and one of the best ones is the Maha PowerEx modely MHC808M, kind of costly but it also conditions the batteries so they'll last longer.
[QUOTE =“ Mr。Beanz,邮编:3855134,成员:266827”]我晚上经常使用Cygolite Hot Shots骑行。我在购买大灯时使用了50欧元的组合灯。可悲的是,我和朋友们在漫长的旅程中输了一个。我把它放在座位上,当我的朋友在我身后时,他说:“你的灯灭了!”。我告诉他,因为我们刚刚完成了高速公路路段,所以我不担心。

有点困惑?如果是我,我会说:“你的光掉了!!”。对我而言,灯熄灭意味着电源已关闭。在这条路的15英里处,我注意到我的灯已经熄灭了。如果他说“别说了”,我会停下来寻找它。 ;)

所以我丢了一个,晚上我喜欢2个,一个座杆和一个头盔。因此,我在ebay上获得了Hot Shot 150。快速免费送货,到了,我的天哪!




但是我喜欢它,在拥有50年代后,我绝对会推荐这款明亮的吸盘150 Hot Shot!:凉:[/引用]
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[QUOTE =“ Mr。Beanz,post:3855149,member:266827”]是的,我搜寻并在亚马逊上发现了一个看起来像小巧的立方体灯,价格为50美元。但是仍然不知道为什么她会那么需要。另外,我有一个吹嘘自己明亮的芽的芽,但芽在15分钟后就死了。嗯!

当我拿到了铁钩骑兵时,我晚上和一个伙伴一起骑着公路自行车到山上。他有一个装有大水瓶电池的大灯之一。他说我的光离他很近,但麻烦却少得多。我喜欢USB充电的东西。不想在自行车上携带多余的电线和东西。[/ QUOTE]
现在是新产品Acebeam L17。这是一个手电筒。Acebeam L17具有1,400流明,可发射至802米长,并带有电池。这是一种远程战术可充电狩猎手电筒。有三种颜色:红色,白色和绿色。现在我们有折扣!