Rear wheel axle

michael williams

New Member
May 16, 2020
Hoping someone can help.. I left my bike outside for the best part of 2 years and when I went to use it all the bearings seemed to be seized. I had to drill the freehub off and in the process damaged the axle. I've never replaced an axle before and I'm not sure which one i need. I've tried searching for the one I took out (pictured below) but with no success. It's about 142mm in length, 12mm wide and has a space for. 5mm he's down the middle. It's off a campagnolo centaur set groupset if that makes a differ
Any help is greatly appreciated
Welcome to the ”joy” of boutique hubs.
If I had that issue, I’d try to identify the hub. Then I’d search ebay etc for someone selling a wheel for parts. And use that as a donor. Or contact someone like these guys: See If they can hook you up.