rear wheels for extremely fat people


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Mar 5, 2003
feed up with buckled wheels and buying a new wheel every 6 to 8 weeks, am looking for a posible manufacturer or supplier. model needed for peugeot city bike.

I know loosing weight is the simpler task but but!!

:eek: please help
Mavic 520 rims,Phil Wood 36 spoke hubs

and as big a tire as will fit. If it will fit, a 40c tire.
This assumes you are over 300 pounds. If you are around 250 pounds, you can drop to a 32/36 spoke count. You can also use
Shimano hubs. You will prob use Shimano hubs in any case, but the Phil Wood hubs will survive anything. There are 40 spoke wheels, but they can be hard to find.
You might want to look at your technique as well - do you attempt to shift your weight to get over gutters, train tracks etc?

Also, learn to true the wheels yourself and keep them in true, rahter than waiting until they are unrideable.
Hi delaspa,

I'm also fairly weighty and suffered the same issues. My solution was to use a Sachs 7 speed internal gear hub, the rear wheel is natually stronger as the dish effect is more balanced (not having to cater for sprocket cassette). The gears are fine for city/commuting type usage.