REC: Grilled Lobster Tails -- (Tip: Prevent curling with a skewer)

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    Last night I made lobster tails for four; while I've had these in
    restaurants several times, it was a first attempt for me at home. The tails
    themselves were a mail-order gift from my brother and sister-in-law, and
    arrived frozen, from Maine. Was a little skeptical at first; I was pretty
    concerned about overcooking and drying them out, but I followed the recipe
    below to the letter, and they were absolutely perfect -- moist and
    flavorful. Paired with grilled portabello mushrooms, grilled onions and
    wild rice pilaf. Fantastic.

    Recipe follows, with some tips:

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    Grilled Lobster Tails

    Like most recipes, many cooks have their own favorite way to serve
    lobster... I feel they taste best simply prepared, with a virtually "pure"
    taste. OK, with some lemon and butter on the side. This recipe strongly
    suggests parboiling them before grilling, especially if the lobster tails
    are frozen.

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    Serving Size: 4
    Cuisine: American
    Main Ingredient: Lobster
    Categories: Valentines Day, Spring, Grill, Butter, Wine, White wine, Lemon

    -= Ingredients =-
    4 Lobster tails ; approximately 6-7 oz each
    5 tb Butter
    2 medium Lemons
    4 Wooden or metal skewers

    -= Instructions =-
    In advance: If lobster tails are frozen, put them in the fridge in a ziploc
    bag on a plate at least the night before, or, if necessary, soak them in
    cold water to return them to a thawed state before starting the recipe

    Bring grill to medium-high heat.

    Run a wooden or metal skewer through the tails (toward the red shell side)
    for support, to prevent them from curling. Then, I strongly recommend
    parboiling them before grilling. Get one large stockpot of water to full
    boil, then turn it down to a gentle boil. Plunge lobster tails into water
    and gently boil them for about 2 minutes.

    Remove them from boiling water. Place them on a cutting board, shell side
    (i.e., red-side) down, and slice lengthwise through the softer (whiter)
    shell, lengthwise, the full cut.

    Place butter in, and squeeze lemon juice directly in the shells.

    Then place them on the grill, red shell side down. Grill, covered, for 2-3
    minutes more. Serve with lemon wedges and melted butter.

    Consider pairing with any combination of these choices: asparagus, grilled
    onions, grilled portabello mushrooms, grilled zucchini, crisp and cool white
    wine, broccolini, corn, broccoli, rice, roasted red bliss potatoes.

    - Steve Murch
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